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The FAA recently approved Victory Aviation Company LLC to conduct flight training in their two Italian-made Marchetti S-211 jet aircraft.  FAA regulations tightly restrict the commercial use of former military aircraft such as the S-211 in civilian operations, and this approval is the result of an extensive FAA review that granted Victory Aviation Company LLC a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) for S-211 flight training, to include initial check-out and formation flying.


Victory Aviation’s training focuses on safety and skills that offer uncommon value to any pilot, in any aircraft—part-time or professional.  In the Marchetti S-211, pilots will improve their stick-and-rudder skills, decision making, risk management, and more—while controlling a high-performance military jet!   All without the expense and challenges of sole ownership.


This program is founded upon tactical jet instructor experience, blending proven military training programs with General Aviation and FAA operational best practices.    Training includes: aircraft systems, cockpit familiarization, normal procedures, emergencies, operating limitations, FAA considerations, aerobatics, unusual attitude recoveries, instrument procedures, and risk management.  Optionally, you can complete a check-ride with the FAA Examiner, to receive an S-211 Experimental Aircraft Authorization on your pilot’s license.  After initial training, you can progress to the formation syllabus, and even military-style mission scenarios.


Victory Aviation’s two aircraft are single-engine jet trainers manufactured in Italy in the mid-1980’s, and formerly in service with the Royal Singapore Air Force.  The S-211 uses a proven Pratt & Whitney JT-15D engine (also in Cessna Citations), and mostly American avionics.   One Victory Aviation aircraft has original military avionics, and one has been modified with the Garmin G3X and GTN750.   You can fly both!



CFI Chris Koelzer





Victory Aviation’s primary S-211 instructor is Chris Koelzer, a former F/A-18 instructor in the Marine Corps.   In addition to 2800 hours in F/A-18s, he has FAA Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor ratings, and is qualified in single/multi-engine piston aircraft, single-engine seaplanes, taildraggers, and sailplanes.  He also flies the company’s North American T-6/SNJ for the “T-6 Victory” business training course, helping teams create uncommon value by first building uncommon trust.

SIAI-Marchetti S-211

The S-211 is a turbofan-powered military trainer aircraft designed and originally marketed by SIAI-Marchetti.

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Victory Aviation offers jet training familiarization flights, unusual attitude recoveries, full S-211 rating (and Examiner check ride), and a formation syllabus.


We are based in Texas, but will be flying out of selected cities in the future. We can customize the flying to any pilot’s personal goals…jet familiarization/unusual attitudes, initial checkout sorties, even a full checkout and FAA S-211 rating.  Jet formation

training too.


For operations from our Texas base, normal rates will start at $2500/hr, with significant discounts for multiple flights and block time.


For more information and scheduling,

contact Chris Koelzer at mobile 817.676.4403,



The flight in the S-211 was amazing. The instruction I received was very professional. I felt comfortable at all times. You made the transition to jets very pleasant for this SEL piston pilot.



Bobby McCrary



Thanks again for the terrific training and flight experience.  I really appreciated your professional approach to the pre flight brief and addressing things that don't always make their way into my personal flying - risk mitigation, personal readiness and complete contingency planning.  The flight itself was very cool throughout.  Your cool demeanor and talking through the various maneuvers was a real confidence builder.  I can see many benefits in the program you have built and plan on doing it again in the future.






Hi Chris,

Here we are, back home again in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As promised, you will find in the attachments below copies of our pilots licenses and medical certificates for your records. Please note that John holds a PPL for Single Engine Land and I hold a Commercial License for Single/Multiengine Land with IFR rating. I would also like to thank you very much again for having given us the opportunity for the initial familiarization in the S-211.

Both John and I thoroughly enjoyed our checkout / familiarization flight and were very impressed by your professional approach during walkaround, in depth preflight briefing, emergency procedures, instruction during our flight (slow flight, stalls, "g warmup" and introduction to basic aerobatics) and final debriefing after our respective flights.


Thank you very much again, keep in touch and will look forward to visiting you again soon.

Best regards,

Martin & John T Clover









Hello Chris,

we are back at home so happy and with eyes plenty of aircrafts. The flight on your S211 has been fantastic both for the aircraft itself and for your professionality.

We recommend to any pilot "GA, ULM, Glider, bike :-)" to try such experience so excitant that involves any human senses.


Clears skies and happy landings,

Giovanni & Angelo




Good Evening Chris,

I wanted to send you that email about me. I am the Embry-Riddle student. Currently I am instrument rated, and recently finished aerobatic training. I really enjoyed our flight at Oshkosh this year, and as soon as I get 1,000 hours I am definitely going to have to get checked out in one of those or a L-39. I also wanted to add about my friend. I told you about him, but his family are Chinese billionaires and he wants to get a jet. Let's keep in touch and maybe we could get you guys up here to take him for a flight!

Very Respectively,

Austin Sorrells