General Information:


Flexible scheduling, pay as you go, based upon our performance-- we want to earn the right to guide you through each step of our program.


Initial training program options:

• Ground sessions 1, 2, and 3 (for team of up to 10,

2 hours each)

• Ground-based flight mission scenario (team of up to 10)

• Optional actual airborne mission (2-4 people per mission; up to 3 missions per event)


YOU choose what training you want to receive.

No flight mission, no problem!  Your team will gain all of the crucial insights from the ground training.


Multiple locations, and our training can come to you.


• T-6 Victory is dual-headquartered, in Minneapolis and Fort Worth.  We can travel globally to provide the ground training sessions.  For a flight event in other locations, we can potentially bring the aircraft to you. Or, your team can travel to Texas or Minnesota during their respective flying seasons.


Exciting, safe aircraft with extremely qualified instructor pilots.

• For our standard flight mission, you’ll fly with our experienced instructors in a high-performance propeller aircraft—a military trainer, such as a two-seat North American T-6 Texan.  Flying in a T-6 is a phenomenal experience, especially in close formation at 150 miles

per hour.


Low initial investment requires us to prove our

value to you.

• We don’t use the word “cost”…because the only “cost” of our training is what happens if you don’t do it!   Early adopter discounted pricing for the first ground session is only $1,500 for up to 10 people per group— (as far as business expenses go, that’s about the cost of a plane ticket or two).  Even less, since it’s as little as $150 per person.   Each additional ground session is $1500 (per group of up to ten people), including the ground mission scenario.


The flight mission in the T-6 is $1,500 per person.


Unique blend of military, aviation, and business experience.

• The Victory Mindset powers success in business as well as military aviation, as the core of a simple, daily leadership system that powers any business’s entire operational system.  We train with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS/TRACTION).